Friday, June 4, 2010

Kristy and Uncle Gary

My best friend, Kristy, came to visit us on Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast! We got to go shopping, go to a nice restaurant for dinner, and mostly catch up! Thanks Hubby for watching Pax man :). Pax loved Kristy and always smiled and cooed at her when she walked in the room. Here is a sweet picture of Paxton with Kristy.

Uncle Gary also was in town for the weekend. He is not an uncle by blood but Kevin and his sister have always called him "Uncle" because they have known him for a long time. Uncle Gary is an MLB umpire and was in town for the Astros vs Nationals game. We got to go to the game on Monday and then he came over afterwards for some yummy smoked brisket by Master Griller, Kevin McNally. Here are some pictures of him and Paxton. He has such a soft heart for babies :)

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